I highly recommend ‘Good for the Sole’, having experienced the benefit of Sam’s reflexology treatment during a time when my energy levels were particularly sluggish and I felt stressed and over-stretched by the demands of small children. Following the treatments I experienced a restored sense of inner harmony and balance and generally felt much calmer and more relaxed. This feeling lasted for some time after each session and actually had a positive effect on my relationship with my children! As a busy mother of four the fact that Sam provides a mobile service and was able to come to my home was great.

– C. Fairbanks, Barnet.

After my treatments I felt incredibly relaxed and more balanced, an impressive result considering the stress of being a working mum! This is an experience I would really recommend to anyone feeling even slightly frazzled by life. Sam makes you feel really cared for and calm and gives you the time and space to enjoy every second of your treatment.

– Z. Cox, Barnet.

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